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Committee Members, Coaches and Bank Support:

Chairman: Geoff Barber

Vehicle design engineer Geoff is a very enthusiastic paddler who enjoys competing in marathon K2 races. He can be seen most Saturday afternoons introducing new paddlers to the sport of Kayaking.

Qualifications: Level 2 Placid Water Coach: Racing, Aquatic First Aid

Vice-Chairman: David Rimington

David is a keen leisure paddler and former marathon racer. David was treasurer and secretary for several years and has been responsible for obtaining significant grants to fund the club.
Qualifications: Level 1 Placid Water Coach and Aquatic First Aid

Treasurer: Adam Kite

Adam is a keen leisure paddler. He is responsible for preparing the club's accounts and maintaining our bank account. 

Secretary: Catherine Eaton

Catherine got involved with the club when her son was a keen paddler. After being persuaded by the club coaches to "have a go”, she is now a keen leisure paddler.  Catherine is  the club’s Secretary and Clubmark Officer. She deals with membership applications, email communications with members and ensures that the club complies with its obligations as a charity. She is a Solicitor.
Catherine can be contacted at

Website Developer: Jon Upton

Jon has been involved with the club for many years originally his daughter was a keen paddler but she has now grown up and moved on to other things. Jon designed this website so that any member of the committee can alter it and he is a Committee member.

Head coach: Mark Bache

Mark is a Level 2 coach, Whitewater Canoe coach  and  4* Canoe Leader. He is a keen river and touring paddler and as well as being Head Coach, organises the clubs frequent trips. 

Qualifications: UKCC Level 2 Coach, Remote Emergency Care First Aid, White Water Safety and Rescue, 4* Canoe Leader  and Whitewater Canoe Coach.

Coach and Site Maintenance Officer: Ian Taylor

Ian supports the Junior Training Group on a Saturday morning and is also a coach for Saturday afternoon sessions. Ian has introduced many youngsters (and not so youngsters) to the sport of kayaking. In addition to coaching at the club, he also coaches with the Scouts. Ian is also a committee member with responsibility for site maintenance.

Qualifications: Level 2 Coach

Coaching Records Secretary: Julia Lawley

Julia is a racing coach,  the coaching records secretary and a member of the committee. She keeps the records of the coaches, ensuring that they all have up to date qualifications and she organises regular meetings of the coaches. 
Qualifications: UKCC Level 2 Racing Coach

Welfare Officer - Claire Aston

Claire is the appointed Welfare Officer for the club. She is the person to contact if you have any concerns about safeguarding. She is a keen bank-side supporter of the activities of the Junior Training Group.
Qualifications: Safeguarding; Time to Listen

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