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And more from the 2018 September Sprint Regatta

And another success to celebrate is Rob Oliver's gold medal in the 200m KL3 division. Another national champion in the club! Many thanks to all our champions and their supporters & coaches, including Elliott who was there to congratulate his Dad.

September Sprint Regatta

Solihull paddlers excelled again at the September Regatta in Nottingham this weekend. Tom Lusty is the K1 1000m National Champion! And he also won the K2 1000m gold medal with Matt Bowley. The Cooks also performed well with Matthew winning 6 gold medals, including the most improved lightning paddler and top performing lightning paddler and Oliver won bronze & silver silver medals.

ICF World Championships @ Montemor O Velho

Congratulations to Rob Oliver who was the 4th fastest in the world at the World Championships in the ICF World Championships at Montemor O Velho, Portugal in the men's 200m KL3 division this weekend.

ICF World Championships @ Montemor O Velho

Well done Tom! Winner of the Mens B final at the World Championships in Montemor O Velho in Portugal this weekend and 10th fastest in the World!

July 2018 Ironbridge Hasler race

Ironbridge Hasler
Team Solihull had another good race at ironbridge on Sunday. There were 9 racers and all placed in the top 4 of their divisions. They came second in the Midlands points competition for the race which almost guarantees that they'll be invited to the national Hasler series finals in the autumn. 

Jackfields rapids destroyed another kayak this year, but the Solihull team got through safely despite having 2 "first time" racers in the team. Well done Kevin who came 4th in Div 8 K2 with Julia. It was Ethan’s first comeback race for years & he got 3rd in Div 7 K1. The best finisher was Ben who came 2nd in Div5 K1. John came 4th in Div7 K1 (good to see you racing again), Ellie & Alex came 3rd Div7 K2, and Becky & Liz got 4th Div7 K2. Well done again team Solihull!


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