October 2019 Banbury Hasler

October 2019 Banbury Hasler
Team Solihull had an eventful day at Banbury today: 
1st in Div 1 for Thomas Lusty
4th in Div 4 for for Mark Wevill
2nd in Div 6 and promotion to Div 5 for Harry Allen
1st in Div 9 and promotion straight to Div 6 (oops) for Tom Moseley!
Creditable mid Div 9 finish for Isabella.

And oh no! Julia & Conrad (pictured wet,cold & not very happy) broke their rudder and fell into the canal before the first corner. As they discovered that: 
The Oxford Canal is very cold in October, the silt is an interesting olive green colour and K2 kayaks cannot be controlled without a rudder.
Mooring a narrowboat in the middle of the race start for a well publicised race is very stupid. Yes, they  rammed it as did others including Mark.

But well done team especially the terrific Tom's. And that's it for Hasler races before the winter's over.


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