2017 Hereford Hasler marathon race

2017 Hereford Hasler marathon race
It was a beautiful day for swimming but an extremely hot one for paddling with temperatures touching 30 degrees!

Well done again team Solihull. Alex and Ben’s were testing their teamwork in division 6 to see if their plan to do the 125 mile Devizes to Westminister race next year is going to work. Ellie and Adam blew away the competition in the division 9 doubles, also beating the time for both Div 8s and one of the Div 7s!

Liz and Becky are getting faster by the week in their new boat but came fifth to Conrad & Julia's 4th in the division 7 doubles. There's some competitive racing going on between the club mates in these divisions!

In the scorching heat Oliver was looking stylish as ever in his C1 canoe, racing against faster kayaks in Division 7. And Mark, Matthew and Jenni soldiered bravely on to finish. 

And thanks to the support team of drivers, cheerleaders and our ever dependable team captains, Pete and Anne who looked quite melted by the end of the day!


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