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Solihull at the 125 mile Devizes Westminister race 2019

2019 Devizes Westminister 
Respect to our DW race peddlers, Nacho, Alex, Jake & Oliver. Paddling 125 miles over 4 days is a fantastic achievement especially in the heat of the hottest Easter in 70 years. It's a pity Olly had to retire, but well done to the others, especially Nacho who fought all the way for his 3rd place in the senior singles! Bring the medal down to the club on Saturday for us all to see!

Team Solihull at the Gailey Hasler marathon 2019

A select team of familiar and new team members battled the traditionally choppy conditions on the Gailey canal and the gusty winds made conditions even more tricky! It was good to see Clive Jones winning Div 4 and wearing Solihull club colours again. And we came away with several other medals including another by Nacho who won by 5 minutes again after racing in the Waterland marathon in Amsterdam the day before! Felicitaciones por tu éxito y que éxito sea tuyo siempre!
Thanks Tomasz Kajjo Je Clipol for the great photos.

Team Solihull at the Leamington Hasler marathon 2019

Ignacio Soler Fabre
Well done team Solihull especially our junior paddlers who excelled in the cold first race Midlands Hasler marathon race of the season. Team Solihull was there in force with 18 paddlers collecting over 200 points for the club. And our secret weapon has been revealed. Nacho won Div 4 by a massive 5minutes and earned himself a 2 division promotion to Div 2!

2018 Banbury Hasler

The Banbury Hasler's the last Hasler race in the Midlands for this year and Tom was first in Dvision 1 by several minutes! And well done to  Julia & Conrad who stepped up to Division 6 and double the race distance and came 4th in Div 6 K2. It was a god summer on the water & well done to all the racers.


Lusty Liffy

The Liffy descent is an iconic kayak race in Ireland and one of the International Canoe Federation World series events. 
The Irish Times report reads: "On a day when low water caused carnage on the 18-mile course, British pair Nicky Cresser and Tom Lusty were the winners of the K2 class at the 59th Liffey Descent canoe marathon. Race winners Cresser and Lusty were delighted just to finish the race and take a first win. "We were fourth going into the first weir at Straffan and got our line right and found ourselves in the lead. After that we kept pushing and no-one caught up with us," the pair said after their win." Cresser is a Liffey veteran but for Lusty, who is the fastest 1000m man in Britain, it was a first. 


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