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2018 Banbury Hasler

The Banbury Hasler's the last Hasler race in the Midlands for this year and Tom was first in Dvision 1 by several minutes! And well done to  Julia & Conrad who stepped up to Division 6 and double the race distance and came 4th in Div 6 K2. It was a god summer on the water & well done to all the racers.


Lusty Liffy

The Liffy descent is an iconic kayak race in Ireland and one of the International Canoe Federation World series events. 
The Irish Times report reads: "On a day when low water caused carnage on the 18-mile course, British pair Nicky Cresser and Tom Lusty were the winners of the K2 class at the 59th Liffey Descent canoe marathon. Race winners Cresser and Lusty were delighted just to finish the race and take a first win. "We were fourth going into the first weir at Straffan and got our line right and found ourselves in the lead. After that we kept pushing and no-one caught up with us," the pair said after their win." Cresser is a Liffey veteran but for Lusty, who is the fastest 1000m man in Britain, it was a first. 

2018 Lincoln Hasler

The new Hasler season has started & a few Solihull paddlers made the long journey north. The best result was achieved by Becky & Liz who came second in their K2 in division 7. David & Michael also won prizes for their third place finish in their C2. Well done to Andrew for notching up another race in a big division 7 K1 race. The year has started well with valuable club points!

July 2018 Ironbridge Hasler race

Ironbridge Hasler
Team Solihull had another good race at ironbridge on Sunday. There were 9 racers and all placed in the top 4 of their divisions. They came second in the Midlands points competition for the race which almost guarantees that they'll be invited to the national Hasler series finals in the autumn. 

Jackfields rapids destroyed another kayak this year, but the Solihull team got through safely despite having 2 "first time" racers in the team. Well done Kevin who came 4th in Div 8 K2 with Julia. It was Ethan’s first comeback race for years & he got 3rd in Div 7 K1. The best finisher was Ben who came 2nd in Div5 K1. John came 4th in Div7 K1 (good to see you racing again), Ellie & Alex came 3rd Div7 K2, and Becky & Liz got 4th Div7 K2. Well done again team Solihull!

Hereford Hasler race June 2018

2018 Hereford Hasler
Just when you think the weather for racing couldn't get better, it did! And Solihull turned out in force, coming second only to Worcester who had an even bigger team! Well done to Andrew who was promoted to division 7 despite it being his first ever race with a double ended paddle! Conrad and Julia won division 7 doubles, Alex and Ryan came second in the division 5 doubles and Michael and David won the division 9 canoe doubles. Everyone else picked up points apart from Pete and Anne who decided to participate from the river bank for the second half of their race and Mark who limped home with a helpful canoeist on a camping trip .

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