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Lake Bala October 2019

A beautiful sunny day on Lake Bala for the touring paddlers. We did try canoe sailing but there wasn't enough wind.
Lake Bala 2019 

Avon Trip May 2019

Great day paddling the Avon from Stratford to Bidford on Sunday 12 May . Six weirs by all means possible including shooting, lining, lining through locks and portaging due to the lack of water

Fighting our way through the Penk and Sow!

After being fortified by an excellent cooked breakfast, ten of the touring group fought their way through the undergrowth on the Penk and Sow. Thanks to Ian and David who had to saw through a number of branches we made it through! A fallen tree across the Sow was a particular challenge. Once again we were lucky with the weather and the trip was very enjoyable.

Canoe sailing on Lake Bala

he touring group had a great trip to Lake Bala on Saturday 2 September. Eleven club members set off paddling 6 canoes on a lovely sunny day. After a pleasant stop for lunch, Mark rigged up some sails and we sailed back. There was not as much wind as we would have hoped for so we made quite slow progress on the way back - but we didn't have to paddle so it was relaxing a great fun.
Another great trip. Many thanks to Mark for organising!

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